Speech is used to communicate - primarily with each other, but we also use it to communicate with God.

We can put our speech to all sorts of good uses; to give a kind word, to help, to encourage, to give thanks.

We can also put our speech for bad uses too, The choice is ours.

We might think that our words vanish with the breath that utters them, but Jesus explained that God doesn’t forget them. He will recall them because they give evidence about the condition of our hearts. (Matthew 12 v 36-37).

In various places in Scripture we are told not to use our tongues to slander, flatter, gossip, for coarse joking or abusive speech.

That’s why we kindly request that players refrain from swearing and take care regarding the way that they speak - that’s not just on the playing field of play, but in the changing rooms, pitchside and throughout the course of the evening.