It’s important to grasp that the  secular view of what it means to be a human being, is completely different from the Christian view. This can’t be understated. The secular view is that humans are just advanced biological creatures which have been fashioned by their environment.   The bible contradicts this view. In Scripture in Genesis 1:26 we read that human beings are unique and distinctly different from all other creatures in that we’ve been designed and made by God in His ‘likeness’.

Clearly, there isn’t an  animal on earth that demonstrates the intellectual capabilities and physical dexterity that we do. The main point is though, is that we are complex beings, not just physical. Our physical appearance really is just one dimension of what we really are. Most of the attributes that we possess are not visible to the eye. Our personalities, our minds, our wills, our values, a sense of ‘right and wrong’ etc, etc. We can see the effects and outworking of these attributes, but in themselves they are invisible.

God has given us bodies and we know that in order for our bodies to remain healthy they need physical exercise. Our bodies do not exercise themselves, we have to use our will to exercise them.

Scripture tells us that we are each unique. If you happen to be a musician it’s very easy to praise God through your musical abilities, but what about the poor person who hasn’t got a musical bone in his body? Supposing your aptitude happens to be in sport? Are you for some reason prevented from excelling in the talents that God has given you? Surely God has provided everything we need sport. Our bodies, the need for exercise and the mental attributes necessary to invent and enjoy sport.

The bible makes it clear that in the beginning everything that God created was good.

Genesis 1:31