We see the evidence of a broken world all around us. In world politics, business, personal relationships. Even sport is affected. That’s why in football we see bad sportsmanship, cheating  and gamesmanship. Just like everything else, the football world needs to be brought back to God’s way.

Scripture tells us that Adam (the first man) rebelled against God (Romans 5 v12). Previously, he’d lived in a state of communion with God. He had been secure and ‘other centred’, but as a result of being separated,  he became insecure and ‘self centred’. The world became a place which was not as it should have been (Genesis 3:17-19). Even though the world can be a beautiful place and we can all wonder at it’s splendour - deep down, we know that there is something very, very wrong with it  (Matthew 6:19).

It seems that human beings are in some way flawed, on our own insecure and incapable of living consistently to any high moral principles and values (Romans 3:9-12). God has promised through the Scriptures that He will finally bring this situation to an end, when he returns to proclaim his righteous judgement upon this world. His judgement will be thorough. God is not only perfect love, but perfectly just too (Revelation 15:3). He has to be - he can’t turn a blind eye to the odd misdemeanour here and there. It’s not really possible for a perfect, loving God to be unfair and unjust.

Thankfully, in His compassion, God has made a way to redeem those of us who have lived far from perfect lives. At Calvary’s cross, Jesus dealt once and for all not only all our wrongdoing, but our sinful nature too (Romans 6:10 Hebrews 7:27, 9:12, 9:26, 10:10). His death as a substitute for ours, would meet in full the justice which is demanded by God’s righteousness, Thereby making atonement for anyone who put their trust in Him.

If anyone has truly done that, he’ll  begin to rest in what Jesus has done for him. In what the bible calls ‘repentance’ - with the aid of the conviction of the Holy Spirit, a true Christian will endeavour to live the rest of his life preferring God’s way rather than his own.  After all God knows everything about him, He loves him like nobody else and just wants the best for him.