Tuesday 1 August

Guest Players:

- A New System for a New Season

When your team are short, it’s good to know that you can always borrow a player from another team.   In the main, being able to borrow  ‘Guest Players’ is a system that has served us well - but , on occasion, it has caused the odd problem ;

  1. Some players have been overlooked whilst others have played regularly.
  2. The players that are borrowed most, are often the league’s best players. As a result, teams can be strengthened considerably as a result of being short!
  3. Occasionally ‘Guest’ players have been approached directly rather than through their own team overseer.

These were factors that were all considered at a recent league committee meeting.

For the new season, it was decided to include a tick box on this season’s ‘Player Registration Forms’.

If a player would like to play for other teams  (when his own team haven’t got a game), he just ticks the box. His name will be included on a rota which can be accessed from this site’s ‘Teams’ page.

When a team overseer finds  that his team are short, he simply consults the rota to see who’s name is next on the list.

He must then contact that player’s team overseer to see if he’s available. If he isn’t, he works down the list until he finds someone who is able to stand in for him.

The team overseer needs to work down the list, name by name. He’s  is not allowed to skip a player to jump to a person that he might prefer to borrow!.

We’ll monitor the situation, but we hope that the new system will work out fairer for everyone.